During this time of year, there is no way to escape the white outfits that pop up everywhere in Brazil, trying to get customer’s attention. As we have mentioned here before, in the Brazil, the tradition is to wear white on New Year’s Eve. Parties all over the country require the same dress code, so we headed down to our dear friend, Larissa Pezzi’s boutique where she described some great tips for spending the turn of the year in style!

When putting together your outfit, first consider where you will be spending your New Year’s Eve. Even though the dress will have to be white, there our thousands of different styles for different occasions. Larissa selected three dresses from her new summer collection to fit different occasions.

If you plan to spend your New Year’s on the beach, in Trancoso’s party Taipe for example, you must opt for a short dress so you are confortable in this casual environment. The seaside dress is to be worn on occasions that may happen in an outdoor environment, however have a firm floor that allows heels. This long dress might go well with Floripa’s Reveillon Boutique. If you are planning a dinner party or a more formal turn of the year, Larissa selected a dress that would be perfect for the occasion.

You may be asking, why this obsession with white? Well we Brazilian’s are quite superstitious and we believe the only way to turn into the new year is to wear white, the color for peace! However, Larissa says, “You can escape a little bit from the plain white, try an off-white or very light cream color”. Another tradition is wearing different color undergarments to represent different desires. Pink = Love, Red = Passion, Yellow = Money, Blue = harmony and so on…

During the big night, since everyone will be wearing white, Larissa suggests, “the trick is to focuse color on the accessories, choose a brightly colored pair of shoes or purse”. Gold and silver bracelets are classics to compliment the outfit. “The different destinations in Brazil also have their own styles”, she says. “The northeast with places like Fernando de Noronha calls for a more romantic look, as for Trancoso is more hippie chic”.

Larissa Pezzi, who is a fan of Trancoso’s style and an admirer of the destination especially during New Year’s, is getting many requests in her boutique for white dresses for the occasion. Every year girls go crazy over the perfect white dress and Larissa is there to help them out! If you are ready to spend New Year’s in the land of the best NYE parties in the world, and are looking for the perfect dress, stop by Larissa Pezzi, she will help you out with everything you need!

Where: Rua Peixoto Gomide, 1801 – Casa 01 – Villa Mercatto
Telephone: 11 3063 1455

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