There’s no better place to eat a specific type of food than in a restaurant that is expert in just that type of food. And if the food is raw, it’s more important, as we want to know if the food is treated the right way and everything. Now if you put together a really nice ambience with great food, it makes the perfect combination, and that is Tatar’s proposal.

In an attempt to make this idealized restaurant, Erick Jacquin, one of the most famous French chefs of Brazil, owner of the La Brasserie restaurant, opened in the beginning of 2013 the Tartar&Co, a restaurant specialized in tartar. Placed in the corner of Avenida Pedroso de Moraes, the restaurant has been receiving very nice comments from the best critics.

As you enter the local, you can see a vibrant decoration, with rounded red tables and dark wooded chairs. There is great attention to detail, red walls, a red bar and couches with writing all over them! The whole place has a cool vibe, the DJ Tony Montana is incredible, the music fits perfectly with the ambience.

On the menu, there are three options of tartar: meat, salmon and tuna. So you can get a sense of what you can find there, there is a tuna tartar with pieces of avocado on top, with watermelon triangles on the side, drizzled with olive oil and lemon.

What’s interesting about this place is that you can find tartar in every section of the menu! In the appetizers, there are options like the tartar shots and the tartar pastry. To drink, there’s the Russian Tartar, made of vodka, vermute and chopped tropical fruits. And, of course, there are the tartar desserts, but we’ll get to that later.

For those who don’t really appreciate raw dishes, the restaurant also has some hot dishes, like the entrecote steak with potato gateau and a béarnaise sauce.

Although there are plenty of tartar options, the best one, for sure, my favorite are the profiteroles tartar. Under this beautiful chocolate sauce, there’s a vanilla ice cream with pieces of profiteroles. I can say that it tastes as amazing as its looks!

Tartar&Co is a delicious restaurant that offers a variety of very well made tartar in a beautiful place at a fair price at the end. Go check it out, you wont regret it.

Tel: 11 3031-1020 

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