In Brazil, New Year’s Eve celebration (named Reveillon) is one of the most important dates in the year. It’s the time to reflect upon the past, and make our new resolutions for the coming year. As I have already posted here and on twitter (follow!! @brazilguru) we, Brazilian’s have many superstitions to start the New Year the right way! Bellow I have outlined a few tips Brazilian’s practice, maybe you can try some, never know, might work! First things first, choosing your white outfit for the night, we have posted about this on a recent post, remember? Wearing white will guarantee peace throughout the coming year.

Next, before the all-out party, the night usually starts with a grand fiest (much like on Christmas) with family and friends, where wishes of happiness, health, love and peace fill up the atmosphere. After this, everyone heads to the fun NYE parties which tends to be the most excitement of the whole year! Famous parties include Trancoso’s Taipe and Reveillon Boutique in Florianopolis.

Now here are a few tips on our traditions, give it a try!!

  • When midnight comes around you must jump 7 waves to start the New Year with luck. This is why Brazilian’s always spend NYE on the beach. Remember, the top 10 destinations for NYE were all beach locations!
  • The most common superstition is wearing colors with different meanings. Wearing white is essential, however undergarments can be with color. Ladies normally choose the color of their panties to attract what they want. Yellow=money, pink=love, red=passion, blue=harmony and so on.
  • Eating pomegranate brings wealth, you have to eat seven little seeds and keep the seeds in your wallet during the turn of the year.
  • It is not recommended eating poultry, such as turkey or chicken as these animals walk backwards or “regress in life”.
  • Keeping a bay leaf in your wallet and eating lentils brings luck.
  • Always spend Reveillon with pockets full of money, to continue the rest of the year the same way.
  • To ignite a new love, always greet a person of the opposite sex after counting down midnight.
  • To travel a lot, grab an empty suitcase and walk around your house.
  • To start the New Year with the “right foot”, do the countdown on a higher surface and step down with the right foot in the New Year.

Let me know if you guys tried these through twitter (@brazilguru) or facebook!! I know I’m gonna try them, I’m in need of some good luck in 2012!!

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