Sao Paulo has many beautiful and antique places to visit. Full of history, some of them are also delightful programs for the eyes and, sometimes, to the stomach. This is the case of Mercado Municipal de São Paulo, best known as Mercadão, an enormous market of fresh ingredients in the downtown part of the city.

This huge construction is close to the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and the Luz subway station. Opened in 1933, the Mercadão was built with a mixture of architectural styles making it look even more beautiful. Because of the time damage, the whole building went through a reform in 2004 to recover its originals details. Along with the work, they built its second floor, that is full of food stands. From then on, it became a meeting point for Sao Paulo’s inhabitants.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about Mercadão is that the whole place invites you to get in touch with everything that it is offered there. The place is crowded with stands from different sellers and you can find a variety of counters with types of cheese, vegetables, fruits, cereals, wine, spices and, of course, codfish, one of the specialities of the market.

If you stay for a while at a stand, you may be invited to taste a piece of pitaya, mamey ou mangostim, original fruits from South America, Central America an Asia, respectively.

Although the main floor of Mercadão can be very attractive, the entertainment of the outing begins as you arrive at the entresol. There is where you can order the two most famous foods of the Mercado Municipal: the mortadela (bologna) sandwich and the codfish pastry.

I won’t lie, at weekends and holidays there are enormous lines at the counters, but it’s part of the ride, so try to enjoy it as well.

The whole building is beautiful. The stained glasses, one of Mercadão’s registered marks, form marvelous effects when the sun passess by. And, although it isn’t open during the night, it is worth passing through the building to see the front illumination. It is gorgeous.

For those who want to visit the Mercadão, it stays open everyday from 6am to 6pm and, at sundays, until 4pm.

Mercado Municipal de São Paulo
Rua da Cantareira, 306
Tel: 11 3313-1326

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